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Life can be difficult and messy. Everyday, we try to do our best, sometimes our best doesn't look so good, and that's OK. Everyone deserves to have someone to talk to that can lend an objective ear to any and all things that are going on in your life, without judgement. My goal is to create an open environment for people of all ages, faiths, creeds, ethnicities, sexualities, identities, and backgrounds, to come and share their life in a safe place. Whether you are experiencing highs or lows, I am here to help you cope with and process personal and external stressors in your life, unexpected events, and much more.

I offer 18+ years combined experience of education and mental health therapy related to children, young adults, and adults. I use an eclectic mix of different therapeutic modalities and personalize treatment plans for each individual's needs and goals. I provide a safe space for people to share their innermost thoughts and offer actionable coping skills.

Do you need a cheerleader? Tough love? Just someone to listen to your thoughts and feelings? I've got you. If you're looking for change, support, or even a different perspective, contact me today!


In addition to being a mental health therapist, I am also a certified Reiki I & II Master/practitioner. Reiki Energy Healing is something that anyone can benefit from; you don't need to be a specific religion, type of person, or have a specific "problem area". Reiki Healing allows a practitioner (me) to become the channel and conduit for all of the positive life-force energy that surrounds us everyday. 




Usui Level I & II Reiki (Joy Potential - Christine Eartheart, Bloomington, IN)

Usui Level III Reiki (Joy Potential - Chrstine Eartheart, Bloomington, IN)

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